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Core Policy

Thank you for choosing American Auto Parts! We appreciate your business, and we strive to serve you better. Like many of our competitors, American Auto Parts is finding it more difficult and more expensive to purchase salvage and harvest quality used parts. In efforts to keep part costs low we have implemented a strict core charge policy. From now on, the parts listed below will be charged a core charge. You will be quoted parts "including core" and your salesperson will let you know the breakdown on the part and the core. The prices listed below are the standard minimum core prices, occasionally the fair market value of the core is higher, and then the core charge may be higher, but either way you will be quoted the price you will be charged. Our charges and core policy is very similar to other recycling businesses in the area and across the country.

We hope you find this core policy an acceptable way for us to keep your part costs low. If you pick up your parts at our store, you may return cores to us for a refund. If we deliver to you, then when the core is ready to be picked up, just give us a call or shoot your salesperson an e-mail, and we'll get it taken care of. If you do not wish to pay a core charge, please make sure your core is ready to go when we deliver your part (or bring it with you when you pick up) and you will not have to pay the charge.

Please note that all cores MUST be drained in order for us to refund the full core charge, or to accept them on our delivery trucks, per DOT standards. We cannot risk any fluids leaking in our delivery trucks, and will insist on cores being drained before they are loaded onto our trucks. Besides draining the cores, you should find our new core policy easy to work with - if you paid the core charge, your core refund check will be cut within 24 hours of the core's arrival. If you have a charge account, we will fax you your credit memo within 24 hours of the core's arrival. This policy will be strictly enforced. If you have any questions about our core program, please feel free to contact John Griffin by email (john@americanauto.com) or at 402-341-1111, extension 24.

Standard Minimum Core Values

Airflow Meter $5.00Engine Brain Box $5.00
Alternator $5.00Front Axle $100.00
Aluminum Head $10.00Intercooler $10.00
Aluminum Wheel $15.00Master Cylinder $5.00
Anti-lock Brake Part $10.00Power Brake Booster $5.00
Axle Shaft $5.00Radiator $5.00
Battery $10.00Rear Axle $100.00
Caliper $5.00Starter $5.00
Carrier $50.00Steering Gear $10.00
Chassis Brain Box $5.00Steering Pump $5.00
Coil Pack $5.00Supercharger $35.00
Compressor $10.00Transmission $75.00
Condenser $5.00Transfer Case $50.00
Distributor $10.00Wiper Motor $5.00
Engine $100.00