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Omaha NE Automotive Axles / Differentials Parts

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Used Axles / Differentials

Our used axles are visually fluid/pan inspected for excessive metal and wear for QC.

Our Remanufactured differentials are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using industrial cleaning equipment to remove any and all contaminants from the unit and associated parts. All parts are inspected and replaced if they do not meet Jet Powertrain standards. Housings are checked for straightness and all bearing bores and seal surfaces are inspected. All bearings and seals are replaced with new. Gears are thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear or fatigue. Ring and Pinions are only replaced with matched sets. Bearings are set to specific preload specifications. Gear pattern is inspected on both the coast and drive side for optimal tooth contact, which insures minimal gear noise and fatigue. All units are inspected for correct backlash to ensure proper gear lubrication and reduce overheating.